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ALBERT B. CASUGA, a Philippine-born writer, lives in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, where he continues to write poetry, fiction, and criticism after his retirement from teaching and serving as an elected member of his region's school board. He was nominated to the Mississauga Arts Council Literary Awards in 2007. A graduate of the Royal and Pontifical University of St. Thomas (now University of Santo Tomas, Manila. Literature and English, magna cum laude), he taught English and Literature (Criticism, Theory, and Creative Writing) at the Philippines' De La Salle University and San Beda College. He has authored books of poetry, short stories, literary theory and criticism. He has won awards for his works in Canada, the U.S.A., and the Philippines. His latest work, A Theory of Echoes and Other Poems was published February 2009 by the University of Santo Tomas Publishing House. His fiction and poetry were published by online literary journals Asia Writes and Coastal Poems recently. He was a Fellow at the 1972 Silliman University Writers Workshop, Philippines. As a journalist, he worked with the United Press International and wrote an art column for the defunct Philippines Herald.

Friday, December 15, 2017


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Dear Albert Casuga :
You're invited to experience life at the coldest and most isolated place on Earth — from the warmth and comfort of your living room.
One Day, One Night: Portraits of the South Pole immerses readers in one couple's extraordinary journey as they travel to the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station and adapt to the challenges of living and working where the temperatures plunge to 100 below zero.
Written by scientist John Bird and composer Jennifer McCallum, One Day, One Night is an honest, riveting account that juxtaposes world-class science with the awe-inspiring natural wonders of Antarctica.
Please read the following press release and let me know if I may schedule an interview with one or both of the authors, or allow me to send you a complimentary copy of this remarkable book in consideration of a review. If you would like to run this story I'd be happy to send you JPEGs of the authors and the book cover. Thank you.
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Experience Life At The Coldest And Most Isolated Place On Earth
New York, NY, December 15, 2017 ― Imagine, for a moment, spending one year at the bottom of the world, in 100-below-zero temperatures. One couple chose to not only imagine it, but to also live it, and they've written a riveting account of their unforgettable experiences.
In One Day, One Night: Portraits of the South Pole, scientist John Bird along with writer and composer Jennifer McCallum take readers along on a journey like no other, as they fly to the middle of Antarctica and live under the dome for a year with 50 other researchers at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station.
The book's title is a nod to the six-month-long "day” of 24-hour sunlight and the six-month-long "night” of perpetual darkness. The nonfiction narrative provides a candid, first-hand account of the challenges the couple faced as they tried to adapt — both physically and emotionally — to a year of isolation in the unforgiving environment.
One Day, One Night also immerses readers in the station's incredible microcosm of scientific discovery, where researchers study not only the mysteries of climate change that lie frozen beneath them but also the astrophysics of the heavens above through the famous South Pole Telescopes.
The Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station is where world-class science happens against a backdrop of spectacular natural phenomena and where the extreme conditions prove that the human body's ability to adapt is nothing short of miraculous.
Author Jennifer McCallum holds an M.A. in music composition and has composed chamber and choral works. While living at the South Pole, she wrote an article for The Globe and Mail titled "Poetry at the South Pole,” and she also wrote a feature-length cover story for Musicworks, a magazine circulated among the Canadian and American experimental music scene. Musicworks also distributed a sound recording of her chamber work, "Continuus Line,” which describes barren landscapes.
As an atmospheric scientist, author John Bird spent several winters at a remote observatory near the North Pole studying the ozone hole, prior to his posting at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station. He holds a Ph.D. in space science and has taught at several universities, including Imperial College in London. He climbed the Matterhorn and Denali mountains, and broke the world altitude record for hang gliding by descending from a helium balloon at 35,000 feet. He has trained with NASA astronauts both underwater and in zero-g aircraft to develop experiments. He has published over 70 magazine articles and peer-reviewed scientific papers. He is the author of The Upper Atmosphere, published by NASA.
One Day, One Night: Portraits of the South Pole was awarded Honorable Mention from the New York Book Festival and was a finalist in the New Generation Indie Book Awards.
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One Day, One Night: Portraits of the South Pole
ISBN-10: 1539947300
ISBN-13: 978-1539947301
Available on
Q & As available on request.
Howard Golden, Former Chief Publications Officer at NASA Headquarters: "A riveting account of the challenges, the adventure, the wonder of life at the South Pole Station.”
Marta Tandori, Readers' Favorite: "One Day, One Night is a no-holds-barred recounting of one couple's adventure living and working in some of the most extreme conditions known to mankind, in one of the most desolate places on planet Earth. … What is particularly noteworthy about this book is the candor with which both authors tell their stories. … Once at the South Pole, survival takes on paramount importance – and not just from the harsh elements. … One Day, One Night gives its readers multifaceted portraits of the South Pole; the natural, the human, the divine. As the authors themselves state, it is a 'place of contrasts of experiences, contrasts of emotions. The South Pole presented the opportunity to live on the limits of our natural habitat; on the limits of our emotion resources; on the limits of how we define ourselves, of how we define others.' The perfect read for adventure junkies and those eager to read about the road less traveled.
Review from This is a terrific account. It describes the stress of operating remotely for months, without support from outside, while accommodating or suppressing niggling conflicts. Science conducted there is explained with clarity. The colourful personalities of the "polies" are beautifully painted. Even the minor details of day to day living are interesting. The accounts are told from the points of view of the two authors who are candid about their reactions and frustrations. This is a worthwhile read for its own sake, and for anyone interested in the social dynamics of people living in tight quarters.

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