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ALBERT B. CASUGA, a Philippine-born writer, lives in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, where he continues to write poetry, fiction, and criticism after his retirement from teaching and serving as an elected member of his region's school board. He was nominated to the Mississauga Arts Council Literary Awards in 2007. A graduate of the Royal and Pontifical University of St. Thomas (now University of Santo Tomas, Manila. Literature and English, magna cum laude), he taught English and Literature (Criticism, Theory, and Creative Writing) at the Philippines' De La Salle University and San Beda College. He has authored books of poetry, short stories, literary theory and criticism. He has won awards for his works in Canada, the U.S.A., and the Philippines. His latest work, A Theory of Echoes and Other Poems was published February 2009 by the University of Santo Tomas Publishing House. His fiction and poetry were published by online literary journals Asia Writes and Coastal Poems recently. He was a Fellow at the 1972 Silliman University Writers Workshop, Philippines. As a journalist, he worked with the United Press International and wrote an art column for the defunct Philippines Herald.

Monday, February 19, 2018


Ascot Media Group, Inc.

Feb 15 (4 days ago)
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Dear Albert Casuga :
I would greatly appreciate your help getting word out via your blog or other social media sites on a new book that can help people avoid losing their mental acuity as they age. Please read the following for more information. Thank you so much.
If there were something you could do to help stave off dementia and preserve your independence, would you do it? Psychiatrist and author Timothy R. Jennings, M.D., explores the choices anyone can make to retain mental acuity into old age in his newest book, The Aging Brain: Proven Steps to Prevent Dementia and Sharpen Your Mind.
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The Aging Brain: A Road Map for Keeping A Sharp Mind Into Old Age
Chattanooga, TN, February 15, 2018 ― Growing older is inevitable, but many of the afflictions associated with old age—including dementia, disability and increased dependence on others—don't have to be. So if you could, would you choose to break the mold of aging?
Psychiatrist and international speaker Timothy R. Jennings, M.D., may have some insights. Dr. Jennings prescribes simple, everyday actions we all can take to stave off disease, promote vitality, and prevent dementia and late-onset Alzheimer's. "The choices we make now can help us to keep our minds sharp and maintain our independence as we age,” says Jennings.
An easy-to-use guide to maintaining brain and body health throughout life, The Aging Brain is based on solid, up-to-date scientific research, and the interventions discussed may help prevent progression toward dementia, even in those already showing signs of mild cognitive impairment. The recommendations also may help reduce disability and depression.
"This book isn't just for people hoping to slow the aging process,” says Jennings. "It's also for anyone who is a caregiver to someone at risk of or already beginning to suffer from dementia. It offers a hopeful, healthy way forward.”
Jennings, who maintains a private practice in Chattanooga, TN, has authored several books, including The God-Shaped Brain and The God-Shaped Heart. He has spent more than two decades researching the interface between biblical principles and modern brain science. A Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and Life Fellow of the Southern Psychiatric Association, Jennings is president and founder of Come and Reason Ministries.
For more information about Dr. Jennings and to hear his lectures, please visit the website:

The Aging Brain: Proven Steps to Prevent Dementia and Sharpen Your Mind
Baker Books
Release Date: June 19, 2018
ISBN-10: 080107522X
ISBN-13: 978-0801075223
Reviews for The Aging Brain: Proven Steps to Prevent Dementia and Sharpen Your Mind:
Dr. Caroline Leaf, Cognitive Neuroscientist, Communication Pathologist and Author: "Great advice and excellent science on aging! It's well worth following and applying these principles so as to age the way we are supposed to.”
Rodney A. Poling, MD, DFAPA, medical director, Behavioral Healthcare Center, Columbia TN., and board-certified geriatric psychiatrist: "A well-researched and commonsense book aimed at helping one understand the complexities of dementia, while offering recommendations for maintaining healthy brain function into our later years.”
Michael Lyles, psychiatrist, author, and speaker: "Dr. Jennings clearly describes how to practically manage the medical and lifestyle variables that can positively impact brain health and the process of aging. Age is a number, but getting old is a lifestyle.”

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Sunday, January 14, 2018


What's on my mind? My Poem Today. Dad at 97. If he were still here. His birthday today. I would split a Pedro Domecq with him. But he is not here to call for the "bottoms up". Now that I could drink him under Mom's table, he is not here. All right, I could cede you that prowess, Dad. But now, I could outrace you.
(For Dad, January 9, 2018)
You will tarry, won't you?
Now I know I could outrace you
to that boulder where you left
the bones for Sport, my Sport.
Oh. You are right. I lost him
when I was eight. Ran over.
Uncle Joe told me when I whistled
for him for his supper. I just ate him, he said.
You will make up for my stream of tears.
would you? You laughed. I cried.
A man does not cry. Ever. You chided.
But I am 74, Daddy. I am still crying.
Not for Sport. This time because I can outrun
you. But you have left. The boulder, too, is gone.
--- Your son, Ambit a.k.a. Albert B. Casuga


What's on my mind? My Poem for Mother who would have been 95 on January 11, 2018. (With Charito Casuga Corpuz Daisy Buenaventura Casuga Valenciano Rachel Ruth M. Espinueva Chikit Corpuz Vesterbaek Lourdes Veronica Nicky Casuga )
(For Nenita Buenaventura Casuga+ Mommy)
There, atop the hill overlooking the sea,
You waited for him to come and get you.
"Come out of the shadow, Nenet, baket ko.
I have waited this long. Come with me."
Grasping his hands, you let out a sigh,
"What took you so long, Paking? I waited."
Atop that hill overlooking the sea, he tarried.
He knew she would brood and ask: "Why?"
"They were not ready with the Nara hut,
Where I would take you and our children;
Yes, atop a hill overlooking the sea, when
it is done, we will all be there; keep it shut
from rain, where there can only be sunshine
atop that hill overlooking the sea. Come then."
Mommy, you held Daddy's hands gently, and
came out of the shadow. There was no rain.
(Con amor duradero, Mommy. We love you.)
--- Ambit, a.k.a. Albert B. Casuga